Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TV Show: Superstars

Fail! I was very much anticipating this as a good show to watch with the boys. Both Mrs. Sexy and I told the boys of our fond memories of watching this show and Battle of the Network Stars when we were their age. It was light-hearted and it was neat to see all the sports and tv celebrities doing doing different competitions. Of course, I loved the the Laff-alympics too. That Dasterdly Dog always got his in the end...

The Superstars included a pretty D-List of athletes and celebrities. The only real star is Terrell Owens. On my athlete dislike scale, he falls somewhere between Chad Ochocinco and Chris Pronger. I only want bad things to happen to him but I gotta get in line behind karma, who has a laundry list of T.O. butt-kickin to do. I am going to admit I liked his I Love Me Some Me t-shirts from Hard Knocks last year. It is telling that my favorite team might be Jeff Kent and Ali Landry. I have always disliked Jeff Kent. Perhaps unfairly as it all started with the Giants trading my favorite baseball player, Matt Williams for him. Then it continued when he was a tool. I had to IMDB Ali Landry. I've heard her name, but she didn't look familiar. You know what I found out. She hasn't been in anything! She seems nice though.

It really wasn't the contestants that makes this suck. It is the horrible production value. John Saunders is over selling the play-by-play. He needs to loosen up and have more fun with it. The editing is poor, but most of all, I HATE when a show teases what's coming up every 5 minutes and when they come back from commerical shows you the last 5 minutes of the show. The show is 90 minutes long and it has to be about 15 minutes of actual show.

The Big Sexy says AVOID. 2 D-List Stars out of 5.

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