Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TV Review: Glee

I never thought I would love a show that was based in a high school. I have never even watched the TV show Friday Nights Lights and I loved the book and enjoyed the movie. I know it was only one pilot episode so I should maybe allow the show to breathe a bit and grow some legs. The pilot episode of Glee was outstanding! I'm ticked that Fox screwed with me by not having another show of Glee ready until the Fall. They just wanted to tease me. F'ing Fox.

Some shows about high school make you fondly recall your high school days. They make you relive your own experiences or imagine yourself in situations you wish you would have been in. That's not the case with me. Maybe if there was a 40 year old version of high school, I would try out for some kind of theater but I never had any wish to have done that back in the day. Glee is just a good opportunity to mix television and musical theater. It has never been sucessfully done but I hope this is one that makes it.

I'm not a big fan of network tv. Sure, I LOVE 30 Rock. I like-like How I Met Your Mother. I've decided to remain friends (with benefits?) with The Office despite a rough stretch. I was ready to be mildly amused by, but be able to take or leave Glee. I am actively taking right now! It is right up my alley. The only negative I have with it right now is I don't really like any of the characters. Not that I dislike any of them.They all have their foables, but maybe that will make them that much more three dimensional as the show grows.

The pilot episode introduced us to a collection of characters and some of their motivations and situations as we currently find them. I'm not sure if a big glee club competition actually exists or if high schools even have glee clubs. When I think of Glee Clubs, I think of fancy-pants ivy league gents forming clubs with name like "The Aca-fellas". But on Glee, the collection of high schoolers from a variety of backgrounds and motiviations are forming a club to win the district title and save the club from elimination. The stage has been set for many paths to follow of the ensemble class.

I love musical theater. My favorite musical of all time is Spring Awakening. It is coming to Sacramento in November as a special birthday present to me. I am very nervous about the set and production at the Community Center Theater after seeing it twice on Broadway (once from on the stage =o) ). I strongly urge you to check it out while it is in town.

Subset list... Big Sexy's Top 5 Musicals

1. Spring Awakening
2. Rent
3. Jesus Christ Superstar
4. Avenue Q
5. Chicago

Back to Glee... The pilot episode (and I expect each episode) includes a glee club version of a couple of songs and some snipets of others. They rocked Don't Stop Believin by Journey as the main piece but also Rehab by Amy Winehouse. Clearly the best singer is Lea Michele. Lea plays the student who has been groomed for this all her life. She shined on Don't Stop Believin! It made the hairs on the back of my back stand up. And I'm not surprised. Lea was the female lead, Wendela, in, wait for it, Spring Awakening.

I'm giving Glee 4 1/2 High Notes (out of 5). Can't wait for new episodes!

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