Monday, June 8, 2009

Movie Review: Up

I love going to the movies. Even kid movies. For the most part, I would want to see most of the kid movies even if I didn't have kids. While I have been suckered into a few very bad kid movies over the years (I'm looking at you, Speed Racer), I have more than made up for it by seeing absolutely wonderful films. One of these wonderful films is the newly released Up.

Up is the latest jewel from the fabulous Pixar studio. I usually like the Pixar films, but this is right up there near the top for me. I'll admit, I completely missed the boat on Wall*E. I got the message there, I just didn't care for it. Yet it garnered scads of spectacular reviews and won an Oscar. Therefore, despite knowing good reviews going in, I wasn't confident it would find a place in my heart. I was wrong.

Up isn't based on a marketing strategy or distributed with the focus of selling more Happy Meals or action heroes. The story is a very heartfelt one about an old man dealing with his last years and the loss of his soul mate. It felt deep and layered. The essense of the story was much more than just the action scenes involving his flying balloon house or being chased by dog. The real message here is that your life is an adventure. It doesn't matter what you possess or where you go. As long as you are with the people you love, life is all the adventure you need. That is such a great message!

I loved the wordless montage at spans Carl and Elly's life together through her death. It isn't often at an animated picture that you cry more than once. The movie has remarkable animation that I have come to expect from Pixar. There are also many funny lines and good action for the kiddies. I love Doug the Dog whose collar allows him to speak his thoughts. He's very cute and funny.

I recommend Up to every type of person, regardless or their age or political affiliation. Even Republicans would like it! I'm giving it 4 big, colorful floating balloons (out of 5).

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