Thursday, August 19, 2010

Viral Summer 2010

I spend way too much time surfing the internet at work. However, usually I am rewarded with the highlight of my workday in the form of a youtube video. I'm posting the links here of my fave 5 of the summer because I know you are way too busy during your work days to scout this out. Enjoy...

5. Presidential Reunion. All of the Saturday Night Live presidents over the years come back to haunt President Obama. This is an awful lot of star power for a political message.

4. Press Hop 2. DJ Steve Porter is back with the follow-up to my favorite viral video of 2009. This doesn't quite grab me like the original. I feel he bounces around too much. But the more I listen to it, the more I get hooked. "Gonna take my talents to South Beach (Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood)".

3. ChadMatt&Rob Interactive Adventures. There are four of these "choose your adventure" video stories to choose from. Excellent time killers. I don't know how they have mastered the youtube technology to pull this off. At the end of each episode, you choose what action the protagonists should do next by clicking the screen. It will link you to the next video where you will either be right and can continue or things will go horribly wrong and you can go back and choose again. This is funny, suspenseful , action-packed and completely different than anything I have seen before. But I don't get out much.

2. Caddyshack Trailer Remix. Deadspin just alerted me to this beauty. It is a Caddyshack trailer cut with the score to the Inception trailer. Dazzling. Looks like a completely different movie.

1. They Rapin' Errabody Out Hyah. This is actually a horrible story about an attempted rape. Not usually the type of story that tickles me. However, somehow the news team decides to interview the victim's brother Antoine Dodson. Could they not have found a less flamboyent witness?

Ok, so that's somewhat amusing. But try to get the dance version out of your head. It's impossible. I don't like the end of the video, but the first half is gold. "Hide ya kids, hide ya wife".

Honorable mentions:

I can't count it as this summer because I have loved the "Hitler finds out..." meme of youtube parodies for a while now. Taken from the climatic scene from very good German movie, Downfall, about the last days of Hitler. The captioning on the bottom gives a different English version of the German dialogue than what actually transpired. It had actually gone a little far discussing every pop culture item and some of it done very poorly. The good ones are good though. I had heard that the movie studio popped the world's funny balloon and ordered they all be removed from youtube. But I found this good one about people forgetting his birthday.

I Gotta Feeling song parody. This song was everywhere last year. No matter how much I tried to avoid it. However, this version is kind of amusing.

I'm no Star Wars geek, but this is a pretty cool thing to have. This is the "Behind the Scenes" of the making of Darth Vader voicing a GPS.

I'm no Harry Potter geek, but I would love to see this musical! You need to follow a bunch of parts to get it all in. This is very creative and funny. I'm sure it would even be better is I remembered the story better.

Now get back to work! Those papers are going to push themselves.

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