Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BS Award: Movie of the Year

I love going to the movies! I love the big dark space, the comfy chairs and a humungoid screen. If I could, I would go to a movie every day instead of sitting at this desk, avoiding all the boring crap that being a financial analyst entails. Unforunately, I can't get to the theater as much as I would like so I try to take them in on DVD. A lot of times this doesn't work. By the time all the monkeys are settled in and I cozy up to Mrs. Sexy with some microwave popcorn, I start to have my own movies on the back of my eyelids.

Regardless of how I watch the movie, the following is a list of my top movies released in 2009.

1. Inglorious Basterds - Man o man! I may have to go all the way back 15 years to when Pulp Fiction was released that I left a movie feeling so entertained. I hate violence. I am a full blown pacifist. I would rather my boys watch a loving couple make the beast with two backs then watch someone stab or shoot someone. Love not war, and all that... But I'm an adult and can enjoy this ultra violent movie as pure movie gold. The opening scene in the French cottage is crazy suspenseful and sets the tone for the whole show.

For the second straight year, Brad Pitt has completely stole the movie in what I consider the movie of the year. Last year it was the brainless personal trainer in Burn After Reading. This year, Lt. Aldo Raine had me smiling everytime he was on the screen. With his over the top Texas accent, he is to Basterds what Jules was to Pulp Fiction. I think they are nearly the same character. When Aldo asks the German commander to reach into the bag and get his knife at the climax of the movie, I was expecting him to say "it's the one that say Bad Motherfucker" on it.

It is amazing that Tarintino can take a well known time of history and change the ending. I don't know how many 15-25 year olds now think that Hitler met his end in a French movie theater. (Spoiler alert!) Pulp Fiction is one my favorite movies of all time and now I can add Inglorious Basterds to that list.

2. Zombieland - Two crazy violent movies taking the top two spots on the Big Sexy's movie of the year?!? It's true. Zombieland was another movie that had me at rapt attention from start to finish. It was a wonderful comic romp through a world taken over by zombies. What made this movie into something other than Scary Movie 12 was that there was a real heart to the show. You cared about all four of the living humans on their trek to find humanity. It had unique comic conventions such as the rules for living in Zombieland. But it's best part was the best and funniest cameo in movie history. I will not put a spoiler in here! Trust me, it's great.

3. 500 Days of Summer - This quirky romantic comedy was right up my alley. It was unique, it was funny and it had a great soundtrack. The story can be a little tragic and surprising. Like Zombieland, there were features that were new to me. I love the split screen of how Tom expects a party to go and how it really went. Even though 500 Days of Summer doesn't have a traditional happy ending, it is a happy ending. The best part about the movie for me is there wasn't one character that was a bad character. They were all good people who didn't do crazy, cliched things. I like every character in the movie. This was easily the best movie of the year that didn't involve Nazi's or zombies.

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox - I was so pumped to see this movie as soon as I saw the trailer. The new film by one of my favorite movie makers, Wes Anderson, was going to be a stop motion animation film starring the voice talent of a great American actor, George Clooney. For weeks, we planned to go on my birthday, but they delayed the opening a week. Then the holidays came and I never did get to see it until just recently. It did not disappoint! I loved it. It was funny, fast-paced and unique. It is the best comedy of the year. It was put together with the same quirky moments that you would expect from Wes Anderson. I loved Mr. Fox's click and whistle. I wish I could duplicate it better.

5. Up - Pixar cannot make a bad movie. Up was right up there with their best. What stands out about this movie aside from the comedy, action and adorable Dug the Dog, was the tender parts of the story that really transformed this from a great kids movie to a great everyone movie. I have already reviewed the film on this site, so I won't blubber on about my blubbering, but I doubt I will see another "kids movie" that deals with widowers and the empty nest as well as Up.

Other movies that were great that I enjoy but they just missed the top 5 were An Education, District 9 and Drag Me to Hell. I really wish I had seen Up in the Air, The Hangover, The Hurt Locker, Avatar and a bunch of other ones.

I do want to point out the worst movie of the year. I am sad to say it is from the creative genuises the Coen Brothers. They have produced some of my favorite movies of all time, but they also completely swing and miss with me from time to time. That was the case with A Serious Man. We walked out of it, I was disliking it so much. I never do that. I just didn't get it. It has received critcal raves, so I am completely questioning myself here. But I hated this movie.

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